Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Gotta Have Faith

I don't know that I've ever been more proud of Damon. Tonight they had to read their faith statements in front of their small group (mostly friends from school), the parents, a few grandparents and the 7th graders that were observing what writing a faith statement means. You wonder of the past two years if it's sinking in, if they really are learning what it means to have faith as part of your life. Well, if there was any question in my mind or in the mind of other parents in the room, tonight it was answered. All the boys did an amazing job. What a cool experience. Ethan's grandparents came and treated us all to ice cream afterwards, score! Sunday afternoon is the official confirmation ceremonies, but as you can imagine tonight was more personal and intimate. For a moment, I can honestly say I was totally focused on Damon, his faith statement, on my journey with God, and on how lucky in life I have truly been. It was a good reminder and one God could clearly see that I needed. 

Then we get home and the teenager I love, the one who sometimes forces me to pray to that same God for patience, grace and peace; that teenager that tests every ounce of my being; that teenager that points out every car he would love to have; the one that  still tells me he loves me (most of the time) and the one that makes me laugh when he cracks a joke or smile and shake my head when he cites one of this favorite sayings.....the newest saying around our house..."Double pits to chesty." Thank you Axe marketing geniuses. Wow am I glad he didn't add that to his faith statement! 

Monday, April 27, 2009

The family.

Yep, I'm a blog slacker. No excuses, just wasn't in the mood to type. So here's a quick run down.

Damon : Same. We had an all teacher meeting with his core teachers. Damon was pretty miffed (yes, miffed) until it was all over and then he felt pretty good about it. Clearly not good enough that the two days after he still failed to take notes for Science, but I think we got through to him. Say a little prayer that he can stay on track for the rest of the quarter, not only for my sanity, but because there is an iTouch on the line courtesy of Gma and Gpa if he can get his shizzle together. He will get confirmed on Sunday so we are definitely proud of him for that. He also said his LL team is a lot of fun and enjoys all the kids...makes it easier for the coaches (and their wives) when the have a good group of kids, so that is exciting.

Terry and I : On Saturday, we were going grab lunch, take Flat Stanley (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about) to see a few sites and then go to Damon's baseball game. What I wanted to do was eat, Flat Stanley running around/Craft Saturday, and Damon's baseball game. Instead, we got rear-ended at the corner of 21st and Ashworth. Yep. Needless to say, our day went like this  - get rear-ended, grab a fast food lunch because we need to eat quickly and get to Damon's game. No one was hurt and the guy that rear-ended us, by far, had the worst damage. The lady we were pushed in to didn't hardly have any damage. The guy that rear-ended us was cited for "following to close" -- umm, I don't know about you, but HELLO, he wasn't "FOLLOWING" us, we were stopped at a stop light. How about citing him for ramming his car up our a$$?!? Anyway, he showed an insurance card on site, but then we got a call Monday morning saying they were investigating him for insurance fraud. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Of course because of privacy reasons his insurance company, Progressive, can't tell us what fraud he committed. I don't know who reports it, but if we find that he does not have a valid policy I'm calling WDMPD to have him cited for no insurance...yep, I said it, citizen's arrest. The positive...Damon will get his permit this year, so it was the perfect teaching opportunity AND I bet no one else sends their Flat Stanley back with a story of being in a car accident! 

This is the car of the guy who was plugging something in to his lighter and not looking where he was going (his words not ours)....

This is our car. Not too bad, but still annoying (super annoying if he really doesn't have insurance). The front has a little damage too, but again, not too bad.

This is the lady we were pushed in to. Hardly any scratches on her bumper (I'm guessing she'll pocket the money, if any of us get any). Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you!