Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

What a busy weekend...we weren't planning on being busy, it just happened that way. Damon headed to a friends house Friday night to scare trick or treaters. Not in a mean, I'm going to steal your candy, sort of way. One of his friends and his dad do this every year, so he joined the fun this year...the house has flashing lights, and other Halloween stuff so it's clear you are bound to get spooked. We got a call from the Fritz family and were lucky enough to have dinner, salad and dessert invitation! YUMMY! Cranberry something or other chicken, yummy salad and peanut butter and chocolate pie....all delish. Oh yeah, and we played cards...I don't want to talk about it, the men kicked our butts (as they do most times we play cards). Not sure why to card gods hate us so much?!? Or maybe the boys just cheat better?!?

Sunday we cleaned, mowed/mulched and then Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. I sent the boys to Bass Pro Shop and mom and I went looking for dishes and a tree (do you see why I sent the boys to BPS?). Mom found a little tree she loved for her front step at our first stop, Earl May. Then we were off to Younks to look for dishes...and can you believe we found some! The best part...they were $139.99, BUT on for the bargin price of $34 my mom picked up some dishes she loves. And as a bonus, I found these cute little salad plates (also on clearance!) that will look adorable with my white dishes in the Spring! When we finally met up with the boys we headed over to Samurai to have a little hibachi style dinner...really good!!

On the way home from dinner I remembered that my son did to me, what I did to my mom when I was younger. One of his teachers at school said milk and cookies would be perfect for reading time they have on Monday...(you see it coming, right?!?). So she asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to bring milk or cookies. My fabulous son said I'd make the cookies, yep, pretty sure I did this to my mom. So, 30 cookies later he has treats for class tomorrow. As much as I teased him about not volunteering to bring the milk, I love to do this kind of stuff for him. I can't believe how fast the years have gone by and I'm trying to cherish those we have left before he starts the next chapter in his life. He's a pretty good kid most of the time, has a good heart, a great sense of humor and is loyal to his family and friends. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I did. I love you Damon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Invites

I know, I's been forever since I've posted. I have so much to show you it's unreal, but today it's only going to be the most current item I've worked on as I have 8 people staying at my house tonight and 30 others that I need to hand out Race for the Cure stuff too, plus I need to drop my dog off at my dog sitter's (my friend Sarah's!), take the sewing machine to Cheryl (sure hope it works), mail the invites (see below), respond to work email, put away the cleaning supplies, switch loads of laundry, charge my camera battery, figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow (layers and layers of clothes), and set up sleeping arrangements...whew. It will be a fun weekend and we will announce to Trish what we raised for our fundraiser. It comes at a perfect time as she has to have another eye surgery (another $600 out of pocket) and I think she was starting to get overwhelmed with how her medical bills were piling up.

Anywho, my parents needed a design for a Thanksgiving invitation and this is what I came up with. I was rather proud of myself not only in the record time I completed it, but that I figured out how to get the printing to bleed off the edge of the envelopes through the printer.

I blurred out their names and address (I've had randoms leave comments) because I don't really need any unexpected guests showing up on Thanksgiving. But the return address had my parents name in the orange thing and their address below...sorta mimics the actual invitation. Then on the invitation it says Let's give thanks and the party info. They are simple, but I loved them and loved that the envelopes match (I'm a dork like that).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am truly blessed.

In today's world where bigger, brighter, better seems to be a theme that we all get lost in from time to time...I am guilty just as the next person. But yesterday, I was reminded that it isn't about who has the biggest house, it's about how much love that house is filled with. It's not about the fastest car, it's about where that car takes you - do you use it to see your family, your friends, to take your kids to their favorite park/practice/friend's house?

After I got out of the shower yesterday, there was a note on the mirror that was revealed by the steam : "Happy Bday Mom!" Say it with me now...awwww! How sweet is that?!? It was right there in that moment, when I realized that it's what I already have that really matters. Then my parents come down from the big MC. They had just spoiled Damon and a friend for 4 days - entertaining them and letting them do whatever they wanted to do - and now they drove down for my birthday! They gave me a card that said this :

Things a Daughter Teaches Her Parents
that raising your own princess beats any fairy tail;
that a lot of great big people can be wrapped around one little finger;
that a daughter's smile is better than sunshine;
that you can never have too many hugs or memories...(or phones);
that time flies unless your daughter is on a date;
that a girl can make her parents happy, proud, confused, and a little bit crazy all at the same time;
that letter go is a whole lot harder than it looks;
and most of all, that there's a kind of joy that only comes from watching an adorable little girl grow into a lovely and much-loved woman.

I also get a little sad that school is starting for many, many reasons, but most of all because my baby will be in high school. I don't think I'm ready for this.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Pete

Terry's aunt, cousins and their families flew in from Washington to celebrate Grandma Pete's 90th birthday party. It's been almost 8 years since we've all been together, but we picked up where we left off. So much fun!

A few of the highlights :
  1. Making s'more on the stove (yep, it IS possible with an electric stove)
  2. Girls day pedicures (Grandma's first pedicure ever)
  3. Boys day golfing
  4. Grilled food 3 days in a row (tired of burgers and hot dogs!)
  5. Swimming at the pool (Kings Pointe, in Holstein, and Valley View) - Leo's belly flop and the guys doing flips (or trying!)
  6. Cameron peeing outside the dugout at his brother's game
  7. Girls going to "pick up the pizza" -- the boys didn't catch on that it was code for DRINKS FIRST!
  8. Trish calling her sex on the beach drink : sex in the city, sex in the town, or whatever it was.
  9. Shawn's kids all in tears because they were the first to leave
  10. Did we mention s'mores on the stove...The Washington Crew's new favorite thing!
Terry and one of his back flips :
Hailey, Grandma Pete, Annie and Cassidy at our Girls Day pedicure :
Damon and the birthday girl :
Damon and Brandon :
Damon and Alex :
The Boathouse was a quick detour before we picked up pizza (Trish, Traci, Becka, Me, Jenny) :

Monday, June 22, 2009

Way to wear it!

It's been a while, so this might be a long one. We'll start with the most recent events in the Peterson household....

1. Damon's team took 4th place in state this weekend. Although the boys were disappointed, they really played their hearts out and as parents we were really proud of them. It's just really hard to see the team they beat 14-2 play in the championship game and win. How does that happen?!? I suppose it's a good lesson to learn...sometimes life just isn't fair. My favorite part...the pictures! This weekend I took 298 pictures and I'm sure I've taken almost 1,000 since the season started. Here is a small sampling :

A photo collage I made of his buddy Matt:

Damon's baseball team :
Damon at bat :

2. Damon turned 14 and got his drivers permit. OMG. I can't believe my baby is 14, how did that happen? I took him and Ethan on Tuesday, June 16...he missed it by 1. Then we went back on Wednesday over my lunch hour and he passed with flying colors. The funny part about growing up in Des Moines though is that there really isn't an open field to drive a truck or tractor in, we don't own a four wheeler and he's never been on a moped, so needless to say he's a little nervous about driving. We practice when we can, but it's hard when he won't drive on "busy roads" -- you know, Westown, EP True, Ashworth, Mills Civic. Ugh.

3. A few of Damon's favorite things/sayings :
  1. Warm PB&J sandwiches
  2. Meatball subs
  3. G2 (Gatorade)
  4. Mountain Dew
  5. BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings)
  6. Beastly (example : "Mom, did you see my beastly bunt?")
  7. Mad <> (example : "Yeah mom, David has mad hops.")
  8. Sweet
  9. Are you serious?
  10. And finally (and deserving of a photo) - Wear it (example : "Way to wear it Damon!" after he gets hit by a pitch).
Ouch...or should I say "beastly bruise!" :

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey...You've just gotta love FRIENDS

Have you ever had one of those friends that knows exactly what to say and when to say it? One that knows when to not say anything at all. One that you know you can always turn to and no matter your short comings they will always stand by you. One that laughs when you needs it and lets you cry when you need to. You have something to talk about every day, but yet, if a week goes by you can still pick up where you left off. Sometimes we get busy in our lives and forget to tell those around us how much they truly mean, how their thoughtfulness doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated, how you can honestly say you can't imagine your life without them as one of you friends. How there are times in your life, both good and bad, that you were glad they were able to share in your happiness or pick you up when you were blue. 

Well, today...after a long month at work and after finding out my dad just lost his job...I received a package in the mail. You know, one of "those" little packages that means more than the person that sent it will ever know. At that moment, when I was questioning God about how much more a person could take (my dad, not me) and putting things in His hands and knowing there is a reason and a purpose, but I sure hope He shows us soon what His plan is. At that moment, this little package put things back in to perspective. Inside my invaluable package was 2 pictures of when my son was younger. Pictures that my friend has held on to for almost 12 years and 3 (maybe 4) houses they've bought and sold. Pictures I didn't even know she had. There was also a little "pillow" with the word Inspire stitched on it. It was perfect. The perfect gift, the perfect reminder, the perfect word stitched on the pillow. She couldn't have known how much I needed that today, yet some how she always seems to know just the right time to send a card, make a phone call or send a quick email...some how, I got lucky and hit the friend lottery! Love ya Heather!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Gotta Have Faith

I don't know that I've ever been more proud of Damon. Tonight they had to read their faith statements in front of their small group (mostly friends from school), the parents, a few grandparents and the 7th graders that were observing what writing a faith statement means. You wonder of the past two years if it's sinking in, if they really are learning what it means to have faith as part of your life. Well, if there was any question in my mind or in the mind of other parents in the room, tonight it was answered. All the boys did an amazing job. What a cool experience. Ethan's grandparents came and treated us all to ice cream afterwards, score! Sunday afternoon is the official confirmation ceremonies, but as you can imagine tonight was more personal and intimate. For a moment, I can honestly say I was totally focused on Damon, his faith statement, on my journey with God, and on how lucky in life I have truly been. It was a good reminder and one God could clearly see that I needed. 

Then we get home and the teenager I love, the one who sometimes forces me to pray to that same God for patience, grace and peace; that teenager that tests every ounce of my being; that teenager that points out every car he would love to have; the one that  still tells me he loves me (most of the time) and the one that makes me laugh when he cracks a joke or smile and shake my head when he cites one of this favorite sayings.....the newest saying around our house..."Double pits to chesty." Thank you Axe marketing geniuses. Wow am I glad he didn't add that to his faith statement! 

Monday, April 27, 2009

The family.

Yep, I'm a blog slacker. No excuses, just wasn't in the mood to type. So here's a quick run down.

Damon : Same. We had an all teacher meeting with his core teachers. Damon was pretty miffed (yes, miffed) until it was all over and then he felt pretty good about it. Clearly not good enough that the two days after he still failed to take notes for Science, but I think we got through to him. Say a little prayer that he can stay on track for the rest of the quarter, not only for my sanity, but because there is an iTouch on the line courtesy of Gma and Gpa if he can get his shizzle together. He will get confirmed on Sunday so we are definitely proud of him for that. He also said his LL team is a lot of fun and enjoys all the kids...makes it easier for the coaches (and their wives) when the have a good group of kids, so that is exciting.

Terry and I : On Saturday, we were going grab lunch, take Flat Stanley (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about) to see a few sites and then go to Damon's baseball game. What I wanted to do was eat, Flat Stanley running around/Craft Saturday, and Damon's baseball game. Instead, we got rear-ended at the corner of 21st and Ashworth. Yep. Needless to say, our day went like this  - get rear-ended, grab a fast food lunch because we need to eat quickly and get to Damon's game. No one was hurt and the guy that rear-ended us, by far, had the worst damage. The lady we were pushed in to didn't hardly have any damage. The guy that rear-ended us was cited for "following to close" -- umm, I don't know about you, but HELLO, he wasn't "FOLLOWING" us, we were stopped at a stop light. How about citing him for ramming his car up our a$$?!? Anyway, he showed an insurance card on site, but then we got a call Monday morning saying they were investigating him for insurance fraud. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Of course because of privacy reasons his insurance company, Progressive, can't tell us what fraud he committed. I don't know who reports it, but if we find that he does not have a valid policy I'm calling WDMPD to have him cited for no insurance...yep, I said it, citizen's arrest. The positive...Damon will get his permit this year, so it was the perfect teaching opportunity AND I bet no one else sends their Flat Stanley back with a story of being in a car accident! 

This is the car of the guy who was plugging something in to his lighter and not looking where he was going (his words not ours)....

This is our car. Not too bad, but still annoying (super annoying if he really doesn't have insurance). The front has a little damage too, but again, not too bad.

This is the lady we were pushed in to. Hardly any scratches on her bumper (I'm guessing she'll pocket the money, if any of us get any). Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Des Moines Hoop-A-Thon for HD was last Saturday and was more successful that I expected. What is a Hoop-A-Thon? You shoot free throws for 5 minutes. And the top 3 shooters in elementary, jr. high, high school, adult categories win prizes. We even have a Little Tikes hoop for the younger ones! 

All of the running around we did for donations paid off and we had some great items to bid on. There are a few things I would do differently for next year....better raffle items for the top shooters in each age group for sure! An amazing raffle prize so that if someone came with only a couple dollars that they could still buy a $1 raffle ticket and have a chance at winning something great. The silent auction items were great, but you had to spend close to $50 to win anything and especially in today's world, not everyone has an extra $50.

And in my opinion, the Hoop isn't only about raising money for research, but it is also raising awareness for HUNTINGTON'S DISEASE or you can read about it here. What is Huntington's Disease? Huntington's disease is a progressive, brain degenerative disease that causes certain nerve cells in your brain to waste away. As a result, you may experience uncontrolled movements, emotional disturbances and mental deterioration. Huntington's disease is an inherited disease.  

It is a horrible disease that Terry's cousin Tami is living with (her dad also had the disease). That means one, or possibly both, of her sons could also inherit the disease. You see, Tami is a 38 year old, divorced, mother of two boys. She was an active, college graduate, taught a few community college courses, and was the mother figure to her 3 younger brothers (their parents are both deceased). I wish I had a picture of her back then so you could compare it to today. Today, Tami lives in a nursing home in Storm Lake, cannot eat solid food and needs to be fed, she drinks from a sippy cup because she can't control her movements and she needs assistance walking. Soon Tami will be confined to a wheelchair, she will have to be fed intravenously, you won't be able to understand her when she talks and likely within the next 10 years complications of the disease will take her life. And yet, through it all, she remains positive for her boys. She knows it is too late for her, yet, she remains hopeful that a cure will be found and her boys won't have to go through what she is. 

Please say a prayer for Tami to continue to find peace as she goes through her battle, for her boys to stay strong, and I ask that if you have the chance to participate in a fundraiser or have a chance to talk about the disease, please do. Awareness is power. Look at Susan G. Komen, Lance Armstrong, Michael J Fox....there is an awareness for those diseases and it makes a difference. If HD isn't your passion, if it's breast cancer, diabetes, leukemia, Parkinson's, or whatever it may be, I encourage you to get involved. Volunteer, if only for a few hours a year. It matters. It matters to the person suffering, to their family, to their friends. 

Damon and Uncle Tim goofing around :
Some of the silent auction baskets :
More silent auction baskets :
Terry's cousin Tami and some of his other cousins :
Tami and her youngest brother, Gary :

I can't end this post without a HUGE thank you to can find her rad, creative stuff on Etsy here and here and she blogs here....And also to Mandy Miller Photography for their donations. Your items added to the success of our event and we cannot thank you enough!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

My parents came for a visit on Sunday, they were at our house when Damon and I got home from church. We went for lunch and then bowling. My dad looked a little stiff, but got in to the swing of it again during our second game. I was in the same boat....I started off the first round with 4 gutter balls. How embarrassing that the 10 year old girl next to us was kicking my butt. I am just going to think that her parents drag her to the bowling alley while they drink too much during their adult league at the other end of the bowling alley....yep, I'm not afraid to admit that makes me feel better about my skills.

As a bonus to my parents visit, mom brought homemade ice cream sandwiches. If you don't know, or if I've never shared my mom's cookies with you....she makes the best damn cookies ever. They are so soft and delicious that Pepperidge Farm or <> should be scared if my mom would decide to ever go commercial with her mad baking skills....she would easily put them out of business. Anywho, she used to always make them for our biggest MCSC* swim meet in the summer in mass quantities! My basic diet at a swim meet were ice cream sandwiches and Hardee's frozen orange juice! Delicious and always brings back such great memories. 

I would love to share the ice cream sandwiches (made with soft, yummy chocolate chip cookies), well...maybe I wouldn't actually share, but I would love to share a photo..........but, my family inhaled them so fast there isn't even a crumb that remains. Better luck next time.

(* MCSC is short for Mason City Swim Club)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Venture?

I had a nice day off yesterday (actually, I had a great day with a great friend!)! My friend, Heather, came over and we attempted to make soldered charms! Which is a lot harder than it looks for the record and now I understand why they are priced at $20+ each. Anyway, we took a break at break, I mean we both were frustrated and needed to walk away. Nothing Mexican food, beer, Target and Hobby Lobby couldn't fix! HA HA! Anyway, I am not going down without a fight....and I still have supplies left to use! So place your orders now and we'll see if my mad soldering skillz improve as I go. Here is the sample of the first one I did (yes, I've only one I've done so far!). It's not too bad for my first one, right?!? Ugh. More photos to come...hopefully!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new favorite saying.

It's proven to be a stressful week already. My friends, Heather and Holly, lost their grandpa Monday. It is hard to see their hearts hurt, but is amazing to see the love that these two sisters and their brother have for each other. They are truly blessed to have such a family. 

We lost more business at work again this week. Big business. It's starting to get scary, I mean really, really scary. I'm a worrier by nature, and this is not helping. Tomorrow we have a team meeting with the President of our company. That can't be good. I would be willing to take a day or two unpaid if it meant saving my job. Seriously.

I needed a little smile and found this....thought we could all use a smile these days (can someone tell the media to add a little positive news in to their reports, geez.). 


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twilight Series -- Check.

I don't consider myself a reader. I probably haven't read a book from cover to cover since high school and even then I'm sure I skipped a page or chapter or two. I mean really, what do you think they make cliff notes for?!? Anyway, with a little (by little I mean A LOT) of encouragement from my friend, Heather, and with a little coaxing from Terry's Aunt Nancy I finally gave in....and by little coaxing from Nancy, I mean she handed me a book when we were visiting one weekend and said, "start reading." Anyway, it took until about half way through the the book and then I was hooked! Thanks to Heather's niece-in-law (is that a word?) for letting me borrow each of her books and bringing them to DeMo as soon as she could....I finished the last book tonight at 11:45 p.m. and of course now, I can't sleep. The books are well written (this from a person who doesn't read), but they kept my attention (miracle). I will undoubtedly marry Edwar...I mean buy the movie(s) when they come out on DVD and I think everyone should read the books of course (but don't wear the t-shirts if you are out of high school, it's just not right...even if you are a V.I.L.F......**clearing of throat** uh-um, Heather.)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grandma Pete

I am wishing we had more pictures like these, because of this and because of this and this. I am wishing I had more pictures of my grandparents, more pictures of me with my grandmothers, more pictures of Damon with Grandma Stahl, more pictures of Damon with his grandparents. I just simply didn't take enough pictures back then and I regret it. Today we visited Grandma Pete and took her out to lunch. It's the first time she's been out of the house since she went to the hospital. It was a nice day and she very much enjoyed it. She said it felt like being freed from prison...which is funny since I'm pretty sure Grandma has no idea what that's like! She walks with a walker now and her knee gives her "fits" and sometimes she has to talk to it to make it go where she wants it to. It's fun to listen to her stories and for her to remember when Damon was little and they used to play cards a lot. She remembers everything, her body may be slowing down, but her mind is sharp. It was a good day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belated Christmas....

Terry and Damon each got a stocking cap for Christmas from my parents. They think it is hilarious that Damon is a Hawk fan and Terry a Cyclone. And yes, that is Damon throwing up a winner sign for him and a loser sign for his dad. 

Every Christmas since (Damon was old enough to take part) my dad has put together a scavenger hunt. One year it was the title to our car (clearly that was a long time ago), my parents had made the last 4 payments; for Damon, a small flat TV that he could use for his PS3; a the keyless remote for our car; as well as many others. Damon looks forward to it each year and I'm pretty sure my dad does too! I just wouldn't be Christmas with out it! It's a lot of fun and it's clear we MUST complete our assignment as a family (including the dog). It's the best tradition we've started and we love it, so I just have to share....sorry there are a lot of clues! But aren't you just a wee bit curious as to what we got this year?!?!

1. 'Tis the 25th of December,
And what can we say...
How 'bout a game of "hide-and-go-seek,"
Do you want to play?

The first clue is EASY
We think that you'll find.
If the day is real bright,
You may not go blind.

(The clue was by our sunglasses that we always put on the desk in the kitchen.)

2. Hey there you found it,
How easy was that?
Now look outside, 
Did you see that cat?

(There has been this cat by my parents' deck door...needless to say they aren't big fans.)

3. Not bad for some rookies,
of that we must say.
You're play in the game,
the "Netminder" way.

(My dad has an awesome framed picture of a goalie in his office, it was tucked behind it.)

4. Boy, you guys are good,
So far you've found three.
The next one is harder...
Way up in a tree.

(My mom has this fake tree/plant in the corner of the living room.)

5. Did I say it was harder,
What was I thinkin'?
It must have been something
I was eatin' or drinkin' (in '72)

(This was in the fridge.)

You're half way through the clues....

6. Hey there, what's that wonderful smell?
It is goat skin, calf skin or maybe a cow.
What ever it is,
It makes me go WOW!

(I honestly can't remember where this one was....)

7. If it's music you're playin'
A "stratocoster" it must be.
For without it you know,
A rockstar you won't be.

(Dad had pointed out something to Damon earlier in the night to set him up for this one, so he knew exactly where to go!)

8. Now just look at that grandma,
Do you like her new do...?
I'll bet if you ask her,
She'll give you a clue.

(Obviously my mom had our next clue)

9. Go ask the grandpa,
I think that you'll find...
He's much more than willing
To share what's on his mind.

(On to my dad....)

10. Okay now there Peterson's,
Just how hard can it be?
The last one is waitin'
Under "the" tree.

(We all run to the Christmas tree)

And to that we! We haven't decided as a family what we want to spend it on. I would love a new bedroom set, but doesn't really seem fair to Damon. Vacation sounds nice too, but probably isn't the practical side that my parents intended. I guess that means the rest of our Christmas story is "to be continued......"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rockstar Party

I'm not under 10, but wouldn't it be fun to have a Rockstar Party?? Check out this post dated January 06, 2009. So cute!