Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Venture?

I had a nice day off yesterday (actually, I had a great day with a great friend!)! My friend, Heather, came over and we attempted to make soldered charms! Which is a lot harder than it looks for the record and now I understand why they are priced at $20+ each. Anyway, we took a break at noon....by break, I mean we both were frustrated and needed to walk away. Nothing Mexican food, beer, Target and Hobby Lobby couldn't fix! HA HA! Anyway, I am not going down without a fight....and I still have supplies left to use! So place your orders now and we'll see if my mad soldering skillz improve as I go. Here is the sample of the first one I did (yes, I've only one I've done so far!). It's not too bad for my first one, right?!? Ugh. More photos to come...hopefully!

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The Fritz Family Blog said...

OH. I forgot to mention how good this looks. Especially compared to how bad mine looks. Once you've got this mastered, by the way, I have several orders for you. Too bad I won't have anything for Friday night =( Darn!