Monday, August 15, 2011

Best. Monday. Ever.

Today was a girls' day with two of the sweetest girls I know! First stop, DONUTS! On the way there Maya told me, "This isn't the way to donuts." I asked her what she meant...apparently to Maya the only place that sells donuts is Casey's. :) Well, she was right we were going to wrong way for Casey's, but that was because we were on our way to KRISPY KREME! Once we were there they girls watch the donut holes and chocolate donuts being made...Maya stood there watching forever, which was a little weird for me because I don't know that I've ever seen Maya stand still that long. :) Then we each picked out a donut...and then had some of the fresh donut holes. Can you say sugar high? But being the responsible babysitter I am, they each got a juice...see FRUIT, responsible.

Then it was time to make CUPCAKES! Not just any cupcakes...bright colored cupcakes in a jar! There are a lot of ideas online for these, but I ended up opting to make them in small jars (purchased the jars at Wal-Mart). The girls loved coloring the cake batter...I let them add as much or as little gel coloring as they wanted (obviously we added plenty based on the colors!) and they cared for about 4 jars each before the dog was much more interesting to them.

We worked up quite an appetite after cupcake making (which is hard to believe considering the amount of cupcake tops eaten. Did I say sugar high? I meant sugar coma.), so it was off to INCREDIBLE PIZZA MACHINE! The girls were GREAT about getting food first (probably because it was a late lunch), so we grabbed our plates and found our seats in the "drive-in"...featured film Finding Nemo. We played a bunch of games, a little mini-golf, then redeemed some of the tickets. Luckily we saved some of the tickets so mom and dad could take them back some day (along with the coupons they'll receive via email since I signed them up for VIP Club...aren't I thoughtful?!?).

You would think our day was over, but NO WAY! Us girls can P-A-R-T-Y...time to walk the dog and run off some of that sugar energy at the park! The girls were great about taking turns walking the dog, no fighting at all and I was a little worried we'd have a melt down (starting to rethink the donuts and cupcakes at this point). Once we left the park it was off to see Joey and Mad Dog to drop off some cupcakes. Grace made one especially for Aunt Holly (how sweet)...since we don't know if she's having a boy or a girl she decided that her cupcake should be half blue and half pink. I asked the girls if they wanted Holly to have a boy or a girl, but they had great reasons for both. I couldn't agree more, I hope she has a healthy baby...boy or girl, doesn't matter, that baby will be the perfect fit for their family either way! We were running a bit late, so we didn't stay at Aunt Holly's long before I had to take the girls home.

They were so much fun to hang out with all day and soooo good considering their sugar intake for the day (well, they were good for me...hopefully they didn't crash from their sugar high, but I guess that's the risk you take when you hire this babysitter!). I hope their mom and dad will hire me again some day soon!!!

BTW, my own child headed to Adventureland with 3 of his friends (nice that they can drive themselves!) and today is my mom's birthday! See what I mean, BEST. MONDAY. EVER.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stuffed Pasta Goodness

It's been a while since I've tried a new recipe, so I finally searched for something I thought my family would agree on last night (you know, while I should have been cleaning).

I found this Garlic Bread recipe (thank you cooking on clover lane) and my family LOVED it! And then I found Stuffed Shells on the same website, drool (however, I didn't use that much mozzarella cheese). I've never made stuffed pasta shells, but this couldn't have been easier. If I had to do it again, I think I would have stuffed a little less filling in the shells. And I think they needed some other spices or something...not sure what that would be though. I used Prego Chunky Garden spaghetti sauce, yum, but imagine how delicious this would be with homemade (in my dreams). It could have used a touch more sauce, maybe add some fresh veggies to the sauce, but it was really good for my first attempt!

We had plenty of leftovers (they are surprisingly filling), so we'll see how they taste for lunch tomorrow.

Terry loved it, Damon thought it was ok, I liked it and would definitely make it again.