Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

My parents came for a visit on Sunday, they were at our house when Damon and I got home from church. We went for lunch and then bowling. My dad looked a little stiff, but got in to the swing of it again during our second game. I was in the same boat....I started off the first round with 4 gutter balls. How embarrassing that the 10 year old girl next to us was kicking my butt. I am just going to think that her parents drag her to the bowling alley while they drink too much during their adult league at the other end of the bowling alley....yep, I'm not afraid to admit that makes me feel better about my skills.

As a bonus to my parents visit, mom brought homemade ice cream sandwiches. If you don't know, or if I've never shared my mom's cookies with you....she makes the best damn cookies ever. They are so soft and delicious that Pepperidge Farm or <> should be scared if my mom would decide to ever go commercial with her mad baking skills....she would easily put them out of business. Anywho, she used to always make them for our biggest MCSC* swim meet in the summer in mass quantities! My basic diet at a swim meet were ice cream sandwiches and Hardee's frozen orange juice! Delicious and always brings back such great memories. 

I would love to share the ice cream sandwiches (made with soft, yummy chocolate chip cookies), well...maybe I wouldn't actually share, but I would love to share a photo..........but, my family inhaled them so fast there isn't even a crumb that remains. Better luck next time.

(* MCSC is short for Mason City Swim Club)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Venture?

I had a nice day off yesterday (actually, I had a great day with a great friend!)! My friend, Heather, came over and we attempted to make soldered charms! Which is a lot harder than it looks for the record and now I understand why they are priced at $20+ each. Anyway, we took a break at break, I mean we both were frustrated and needed to walk away. Nothing Mexican food, beer, Target and Hobby Lobby couldn't fix! HA HA! Anyway, I am not going down without a fight....and I still have supplies left to use! So place your orders now and we'll see if my mad soldering skillz improve as I go. Here is the sample of the first one I did (yes, I've only one I've done so far!). It's not too bad for my first one, right?!? Ugh. More photos to come...hopefully!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new favorite saying.

It's proven to be a stressful week already. My friends, Heather and Holly, lost their grandpa Monday. It is hard to see their hearts hurt, but is amazing to see the love that these two sisters and their brother have for each other. They are truly blessed to have such a family. 

We lost more business at work again this week. Big business. It's starting to get scary, I mean really, really scary. I'm a worrier by nature, and this is not helping. Tomorrow we have a team meeting with the President of our company. That can't be good. I would be willing to take a day or two unpaid if it meant saving my job. Seriously.

I needed a little smile and found this....thought we could all use a smile these days (can someone tell the media to add a little positive news in to their reports, geez.). 


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twilight Series -- Check.

I don't consider myself a reader. I probably haven't read a book from cover to cover since high school and even then I'm sure I skipped a page or chapter or two. I mean really, what do you think they make cliff notes for?!? Anyway, with a little (by little I mean A LOT) of encouragement from my friend, Heather, and with a little coaxing from Terry's Aunt Nancy I finally gave in....and by little coaxing from Nancy, I mean she handed me a book when we were visiting one weekend and said, "start reading." Anyway, it took until about half way through the the book and then I was hooked! Thanks to Heather's niece-in-law (is that a word?) for letting me borrow each of her books and bringing them to DeMo as soon as she could....I finished the last book tonight at 11:45 p.m. and of course now, I can't sleep. The books are well written (this from a person who doesn't read), but they kept my attention (miracle). I will undoubtedly marry Edwar...I mean buy the movie(s) when they come out on DVD and I think everyone should read the books of course (but don't wear the t-shirts if you are out of high school, it's just not right...even if you are a V.I.L.F......**clearing of throat** uh-um, Heather.)