Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am truly blessed.

In today's world where bigger, brighter, better seems to be a theme that we all get lost in from time to time...I am guilty just as the next person. But yesterday, I was reminded that it isn't about who has the biggest house, it's about how much love that house is filled with. It's not about the fastest car, it's about where that car takes you - do you use it to see your family, your friends, to take your kids to their favorite park/practice/friend's house?

After I got out of the shower yesterday, there was a note on the mirror that was revealed by the steam : "Happy Bday Mom!" Say it with me now...awwww! How sweet is that?!? It was right there in that moment, when I realized that it's what I already have that really matters. Then my parents come down from the big MC. They had just spoiled Damon and a friend for 4 days - entertaining them and letting them do whatever they wanted to do - and now they drove down for my birthday! They gave me a card that said this :

Things a Daughter Teaches Her Parents
that raising your own princess beats any fairy tail;
that a lot of great big people can be wrapped around one little finger;
that a daughter's smile is better than sunshine;
that you can never have too many hugs or memories...(or phones);
that time flies unless your daughter is on a date;
that a girl can make her parents happy, proud, confused, and a little bit crazy all at the same time;
that letter go is a whole lot harder than it looks;
and most of all, that there's a kind of joy that only comes from watching an adorable little girl grow into a lovely and much-loved woman.

I also get a little sad that school is starting for many, many reasons, but most of all because my baby will be in high school. I don't think I'm ready for this.