Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belated Christmas....

Terry and Damon each got a stocking cap for Christmas from my parents. They think it is hilarious that Damon is a Hawk fan and Terry a Cyclone. And yes, that is Damon throwing up a winner sign for him and a loser sign for his dad. 

Every Christmas since (Damon was old enough to take part) my dad has put together a scavenger hunt. One year it was the title to our car (clearly that was a long time ago), my parents had made the last 4 payments; for Damon, a small flat TV that he could use for his PS3; a the keyless remote for our car; as well as many others. Damon looks forward to it each year and I'm pretty sure my dad does too! I just wouldn't be Christmas with out it! It's a lot of fun and it's clear we MUST complete our assignment as a family (including the dog). It's the best tradition we've started and we love it, so I just have to share....sorry there are a lot of clues! But aren't you just a wee bit curious as to what we got this year?!?!

1. 'Tis the 25th of December,
And what can we say...
How 'bout a game of "hide-and-go-seek,"
Do you want to play?

The first clue is EASY
We think that you'll find.
If the day is real bright,
You may not go blind.

(The clue was by our sunglasses that we always put on the desk in the kitchen.)

2. Hey there you found it,
How easy was that?
Now look outside, 
Did you see that cat?

(There has been this cat by my parents' deck door...needless to say they aren't big fans.)

3. Not bad for some rookies,
of that we must say.
You're play in the game,
the "Netminder" way.

(My dad has an awesome framed picture of a goalie in his office, it was tucked behind it.)

4. Boy, you guys are good,
So far you've found three.
The next one is harder...
Way up in a tree.

(My mom has this fake tree/plant in the corner of the living room.)

5. Did I say it was harder,
What was I thinkin'?
It must have been something
I was eatin' or drinkin' (in '72)

(This was in the fridge.)

You're half way through the clues....

6. Hey there, what's that wonderful smell?
It is goat skin, calf skin or maybe a cow.
What ever it is,
It makes me go WOW!

(I honestly can't remember where this one was....)

7. If it's music you're playin'
A "stratocoster" it must be.
For without it you know,
A rockstar you won't be.

(Dad had pointed out something to Damon earlier in the night to set him up for this one, so he knew exactly where to go!)

8. Now just look at that grandma,
Do you like her new do...?
I'll bet if you ask her,
She'll give you a clue.

(Obviously my mom had our next clue)

9. Go ask the grandpa,
I think that you'll find...
He's much more than willing
To share what's on his mind.

(On to my dad....)

10. Okay now there Peterson's,
Just how hard can it be?
The last one is waitin'
Under "the" tree.

(We all run to the Christmas tree)

And to that we! We haven't decided as a family what we want to spend it on. I would love a new bedroom set, but doesn't really seem fair to Damon. Vacation sounds nice too, but probably isn't the practical side that my parents intended. I guess that means the rest of our Christmas story is "to be continued......"

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MadKanga said...

How fun and creative of your dad! That would have taken my dad 4 years to just do the rhyming part! : ) If he ever wants to do a scavenger hunt for me (WITH the cash at the end), tell him where to find the Coppolas!