Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grandma Pete

I am wishing we had more pictures like these, because of this and because of this and this. I am wishing I had more pictures of my grandparents, more pictures of me with my grandmothers, more pictures of Damon with Grandma Stahl, more pictures of Damon with his grandparents. I just simply didn't take enough pictures back then and I regret it. Today we visited Grandma Pete and took her out to lunch. It's the first time she's been out of the house since she went to the hospital. It was a nice day and she very much enjoyed it. She said it felt like being freed from prison...which is funny since I'm pretty sure Grandma has no idea what that's like! She walks with a walker now and her knee gives her "fits" and sometimes she has to talk to it to make it go where she wants it to. It's fun to listen to her stories and for her to remember when Damon was little and they used to play cards a lot. She remembers everything, her body may be slowing down, but her mind is sharp. It was a good day.

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MadKanga said...

It's never too late to START taking pictures and writing down memories and inviting Grandparents over and making new memories! Damon will LOVE that picture one day! And, he will appreciate that you made that all possible one day. You found a way to honor MY grandpa by doing this. Thank you.