Monday, June 22, 2009

Way to wear it!

It's been a while, so this might be a long one. We'll start with the most recent events in the Peterson household....

1. Damon's team took 4th place in state this weekend. Although the boys were disappointed, they really played their hearts out and as parents we were really proud of them. It's just really hard to see the team they beat 14-2 play in the championship game and win. How does that happen?!? I suppose it's a good lesson to learn...sometimes life just isn't fair. My favorite part...the pictures! This weekend I took 298 pictures and I'm sure I've taken almost 1,000 since the season started. Here is a small sampling :

A photo collage I made of his buddy Matt:

Damon's baseball team :
Damon at bat :

2. Damon turned 14 and got his drivers permit. OMG. I can't believe my baby is 14, how did that happen? I took him and Ethan on Tuesday, June 16...he missed it by 1. Then we went back on Wednesday over my lunch hour and he passed with flying colors. The funny part about growing up in Des Moines though is that there really isn't an open field to drive a truck or tractor in, we don't own a four wheeler and he's never been on a moped, so needless to say he's a little nervous about driving. We practice when we can, but it's hard when he won't drive on "busy roads" -- you know, Westown, EP True, Ashworth, Mills Civic. Ugh.

3. A few of Damon's favorite things/sayings :
  1. Warm PB&J sandwiches
  2. Meatball subs
  3. G2 (Gatorade)
  4. Mountain Dew
  5. BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings)
  6. Beastly (example : "Mom, did you see my beastly bunt?")
  7. Mad <> (example : "Yeah mom, David has mad hops.")
  8. Sweet
  9. Are you serious?
  10. And finally (and deserving of a photo) - Wear it (example : "Way to wear it Damon!" after he gets hit by a pitch).
Ouch...or should I say "beastly bruise!" :


The Fritz Family Blog said...

oh my gosh. i am going to have a heart attack. you posted.
okay - that picture of the kids along the fence is AWESOMENESS. AWESOMENESS. Yep - its a word. I Love love love it.

MadKanga said...

I am so happy to hear that even 14-year-olds say adorable things that you have to write down before you forget. I like the photo of their butts as well. Not that I like 14-year-old bootie, I just liked the photo.