Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey...You've just gotta love FRIENDS

Have you ever had one of those friends that knows exactly what to say and when to say it? One that knows when to not say anything at all. One that you know you can always turn to and no matter your short comings they will always stand by you. One that laughs when you needs it and lets you cry when you need to. You have something to talk about every day, but yet, if a week goes by you can still pick up where you left off. Sometimes we get busy in our lives and forget to tell those around us how much they truly mean, how their thoughtfulness doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated, how you can honestly say you can't imagine your life without them as one of you friends. How there are times in your life, both good and bad, that you were glad they were able to share in your happiness or pick you up when you were blue. 

Well, today...after a long month at work and after finding out my dad just lost his job...I received a package in the mail. You know, one of "those" little packages that means more than the person that sent it will ever know. At that moment, when I was questioning God about how much more a person could take (my dad, not me) and putting things in His hands and knowing there is a reason and a purpose, but I sure hope He shows us soon what His plan is. At that moment, this little package put things back in to perspective. Inside my invaluable package was 2 pictures of when my son was younger. Pictures that my friend has held on to for almost 12 years and 3 (maybe 4) houses they've bought and sold. Pictures I didn't even know she had. There was also a little "pillow" with the word Inspire stitched on it. It was perfect. The perfect gift, the perfect reminder, the perfect word stitched on the pillow. She couldn't have known how much I needed that today, yet some how she always seems to know just the right time to send a card, make a phone call or send a quick email...some how, I got lucky and hit the friend lottery! Love ya Heather!


The Fritz Family Blog said...

Ahhhh. Thanks =) And you should post the picture of Damon in his dinosaur outfit. That one is my favorite. And I bet he would LOVE it. Love you too!

grae said...

PS - It's not a dinosaur, it's a have girls so I forgive you.