Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Invites

I know, I's been forever since I've posted. I have so much to show you it's unreal, but today it's only going to be the most current item I've worked on as I have 8 people staying at my house tonight and 30 others that I need to hand out Race for the Cure stuff too, plus I need to drop my dog off at my dog sitter's (my friend Sarah's!), take the sewing machine to Cheryl (sure hope it works), mail the invites (see below), respond to work email, put away the cleaning supplies, switch loads of laundry, charge my camera battery, figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow (layers and layers of clothes), and set up sleeping arrangements...whew. It will be a fun weekend and we will announce to Trish what we raised for our fundraiser. It comes at a perfect time as she has to have another eye surgery (another $600 out of pocket) and I think she was starting to get overwhelmed with how her medical bills were piling up.

Anywho, my parents needed a design for a Thanksgiving invitation and this is what I came up with. I was rather proud of myself not only in the record time I completed it, but that I figured out how to get the printing to bleed off the edge of the envelopes through the printer.

I blurred out their names and address (I've had randoms leave comments) because I don't really need any unexpected guests showing up on Thanksgiving. But the return address had my parents name in the orange thing and their address below...sorta mimics the actual invitation. Then on the invitation it says Let's give thanks and the party info. They are simple, but I loved them and loved that the envelopes match (I'm a dork like that).


The Fritz Family Blog said...

love them love them love them

MadKanga said...

So creative. So talented. I am so jealous.