Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

What a busy weekend...we weren't planning on being busy, it just happened that way. Damon headed to a friends house Friday night to scare trick or treaters. Not in a mean, I'm going to steal your candy, sort of way. One of his friends and his dad do this every year, so he joined the fun this year...the house has flashing lights, and other Halloween stuff so it's clear you are bound to get spooked. We got a call from the Fritz family and were lucky enough to have dinner, salad and dessert invitation! YUMMY! Cranberry something or other chicken, yummy salad and peanut butter and chocolate pie....all delish. Oh yeah, and we played cards...I don't want to talk about it, the men kicked our butts (as they do most times we play cards). Not sure why to card gods hate us so much?!? Or maybe the boys just cheat better?!?

Sunday we cleaned, mowed/mulched and then Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. I sent the boys to Bass Pro Shop and mom and I went looking for dishes and a tree (do you see why I sent the boys to BPS?). Mom found a little tree she loved for her front step at our first stop, Earl May. Then we were off to Younks to look for dishes...and can you believe we found some! The best part...they were $139.99, BUT on for the bargin price of $34 my mom picked up some dishes she loves. And as a bonus, I found these cute little salad plates (also on clearance!) that will look adorable with my white dishes in the Spring! When we finally met up with the boys we headed over to Samurai to have a little hibachi style dinner...really good!!

On the way home from dinner I remembered that my son did to me, what I did to my mom when I was younger. One of his teachers at school said milk and cookies would be perfect for reading time they have on Monday...(you see it coming, right?!?). So she asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to bring milk or cookies. My fabulous son said I'd make the cookies, yep, pretty sure I did this to my mom. So, 30 cookies later he has treats for class tomorrow. As much as I teased him about not volunteering to bring the milk, I love to do this kind of stuff for him. I can't believe how fast the years have gone by and I'm trying to cherish those we have left before he starts the next chapter in his life. He's a pretty good kid most of the time, has a good heart, a great sense of humor and is loyal to his family and friends. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I did. I love you Damon.

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The Fritz Family Blog said...

Twice in a week. I might have a heart attack. Love the plates!!!!!!!!!!