Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice Weekend and a Little Prayer

Friday night we played cards at the Fritz' with the same group as card club last year. As always we had a blast....laughed so hard at Darcy's comments from the Iowa State Fair when she thought the people from Terry's group were just some randoms that thought we were so fun they'd hang out with us. She made inappropriate comment after inappropriate comment to them....never realizing they were a part of our group. Absolutely hilarious. We didn't finish the game...which isn't uncommon, since Terry and I joined the group I think we've only actually finished once. We at a RIDICULOUS amount of food (see food photos here) and beers were good until someone (Heather) had the idea that we needed a shot of something that tasted like cherry acid....pretty sure Heather mixed it (let's not do that again). Can't wait until the next time!

Saturday we were having a lazy day on the couch thinking of cleaning when Terry's brother called. They were on their way couch shopping and asked if they could drop the kids off.....5 minutes later we had 3 kids for 3 hours. We kept Wrigley upstairs and Beau in the basement for the first two hours (Beau is pretty much allergic to everything : Dogs, peanuts, peas, eggs...the list goes on). Finally Annie and I talked Uncle T into walking down to the park (where of course there was a dog!). The kids had a blast and I took my camera, so that's always fun...especially with Annie as she LOVES to pose! Saturday night Damon and I went out to eat here with the Guge family. Terry wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. First time we ate was good and there were a couple veggie sandwiches I would like to try.

Sunday Damon and I headed to church here. When we got home Grandma and Grandpa Stahl were here! We headed off to eat and then to the mall. Grandma spoiled Damon and bought him a Bears stocking cap and a winter coat (TGIG...Thank God for Grandparents)....he loves his coat and it wasn't cheap, so that was a NICE surprise! Terry bought him new shoes. We like to say he's well loved.....really well loved this weekend! I can't really say much and I headed to Younks after we dropped off the boys. She ordered a pair of shoes for herself and offered to buy me a pair (couldn't pass that up with her discounts AND a coupon!). They are kind of a pinkish reddish color so not sure if I'll keep them...we'll see. 

I also checked my work email.....the director of my department... her husband was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. They found it pretty much everywhere, but were doing chemo and radiation to relief some pressure off his brain. They didn't know how long he would have, but the treatments seemed to be working. This morning he lost his battle with cancer. He was such a kind man, enjoyed life and loved his family and friends. They've both worked so hard in their careers and both were about to retire and enjoy life. My heart aches for them and my thoughts and prayers are with the family as we start this holiday season. Please say a little prayer for comfort for this deserving family. 


MadKanga said...

Prayers were just said. Thanks for sharing!

grae said...

Thanks Holly! Love ya!