Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink Power.

Update : Trish had her appointment went as well as it possibly could. She has maybe late Stage I cancer. The Doc said it's non-aggressive (that's good) and he is very optimistic. They won't know if it has spread to her lymph nodes until they do surgery...which brings me to the toughest decision yet. Terry's mom needs to decide : lumpectomy or mastectomy. Neither an easy choice and one that she needs to make for herself. She spent basically from 10 a.m. until 4 pm. at the doctors with a short break for lunch. Terry was with her the whole time. She also met with a plastic surgeon today in case she does decide on they double mastectomy, this wasn't a planned visit, but rather she was here and might as well hear all her choices kind of a thing. So, she's home now and is suppose to decide in the next 10 days how she would like to proceed so they can schedule her appointment. Although the road ahead isn't the easiest, it does look very promising. We gave her a notebook, she's already used it for journaling and for note taking at her doctor's appointments. Keep those prayers coming!