Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet 16

Holy cow! We have a 16 year old! He had a pretty rock star sixteenth birthday -- not MTV, super sweet 16 style, but still pretty great! We went to Chicago with his Grandma and Grandpa S and one of his friends. We went to D's first ever Cubs game on his actual birthday and then to the Field Museum, Gino's (where you can write on everything!) and Dave & Buster's the next day.

Once we were home from our trip, D took everyone for a cruise in his sweet, new ride. We have one SPOILED kid!

Finally, on Friday we took D to get his license. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was really a non-event: take the eye test again, take your picture again, get a little piece of paper for a temporary license. I guess your "real" license comes in the mail a few weeks later. That didn't stop me from taking D's pic outside the DOT (he was SUPER happy with me). Words cannot express the anxiety you have as a parent as you watch your child pull out of the driveway by themselves. You want to protect your child always...and now, as they drive's a scary feeling.

I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. Here are a few things that stand out for me:
  1. He has a big heart
  2. He is hilarious
  3. He is kind to everyone
  4. He is respectful (most of the time and when he isn't I am quick to remind him that I brought him in to this world and I can take him out)
  5. He mows the grass for gas money
  6. He won't tell me if he has a gf or if he thinks a particular girl is cute
  7. He thinks it's annoying that one of his friends hangs all over his gf and doesn't hang with the guys any more
  8. I can't keep up with the "cool" sayings as they change daily
  9. He texts...a lot
  10. He struggles with Spanish and missing assignments, but is a smart kid when he applies himself
  11. He eats and eats and eats and eats
  12. He likes G's smoked pork, Grandma's monster cookies, F&O's, Smashburger, Subway/Quiznos, Dairy Queen and red velvet cupcakes from The Bake Shoppe
  13. He orders a sandwich at "McKum&Go" called the McNasty
  14. His dad is jealous of his "new" truck
  15. His grandpa texts every day to get an update on the new, licensed driver and his truck
  16. He loves baseball and rap music
  17. He is amazing, wonderful, and awesome...I love him with all my heart

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Our Family said...

Holy crap. 16? WTH? when did that happen?