Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cousins Weekend

We watched Annie, Drew and Beau this weekend and had a great time! We went to Target, the play area at the mall and Z'Mariks (kids eat free on Saturdays!). We're pretty sure Beau ate more than this older brother and sister combined! At one point Uncle T said, "Do you think he's like a goldfish and he doesn't know when to stop eating?" Annie and her Uncle T were throwing a ball up in the air and trying to catch it. If they missed Wrigley was right there to take it from them. They were both giggling so I just had to get out the camera. Damon and Beau spent most of their time on the PS3 (no surprise there). Beau was great and mostly played with the football. We ended the night with Star Wars II. 


fritzfamily said...

What is design/technology? Is it design like you do - or more computer stuff? Just curious. =)

grae said...

Ah yes, a little photography, design, CAD, and then some rocket building and a CO2 car. I think it will be a tough elective in comparison to "Foods", but he wanted to do it!