Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peanut Allergies and Damon: Drew's Hero

So my sister-in-law Jenny emailed me today. Her youngest, Beau, has peanut allergies. His daycare provider thought if she fed the other day care kiddos peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the other side of the room that would be fine. NOT. Please take note if you are not familiar with peanut allergies. Soon after they ate she put Beau down for a nap, when she went to get him, his eyes were swollen shut and he was wheezing. Instead of calling 911 she called Jenny. Once Jenny got there, she called 911 to tell them she was on her way with Beau. Luckily after steroid treatments, a nebulizer and a few other things he's fine. If you are not familiar, peanut allergies are very serious and can be fatal. Please take it seriously. It gives me the chills to think of what easily could have happened to Beau. Scary.

The second part of the email was the cutest story ever. Jenny's middle child, Drew. It went like this:

Drew: Mom, can we move to Des Moines?
Jenny: Why Drew?
Drew: Because then I could see Damon EVERYDAY!
Jenny: Ah, that's nice Drew. Maybe we can see Damon more this summer and he can spend the night.
Drew: Mom, is it summer yet?
Jenny: Almost Drew.

Drew and Annie both adore Damon and I have to say I'm pretty proud of my son. He is really good to them. Hopefully that is a sign of how he treats most people in general. He may test our patience sometimes with his homework and grades, but we never have to worry that he isn't a nice kid. He just has a big heart, loves his family and is a loyal friend (this part will probably cause me headaches some day soon).

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