Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of 7th Grade

Damon ended the school year slightly better than I thought he would. It's not as well as he could have done and not as well as he started this year — he's a pretty smart kid when he tries. He did manage to lose his homework folder Thursday/Friday. It's no where to be found. This about threw me over the edge, then I could hear Stacey telling me to let it go. Really, how does one lose his homework folder?!? Luckily...or should I say lucky for Damon...I don't think he had anything homework in it. School officially ends Tuesday, but they have a field trip and a talent show, so not much learning during the make-up snow days. It's been my hardest parenting year yet...for my sake and his, I hope next year his organizational skills improve.

Last night we had 2 baseball games Friday night, 1 tomorrow, 2 on Sunday and another 1 on Monday. They won 1 on Friday....during which the coach from the other team got ejected. It was a disappointing show of sportsmanship. It's one thing to disagree with the umps, but it's a whole other when tell the ump that "I got you. I'll find you after, I got you." He said that a few times coming off the field, but it was a good opportunity to teach the kids about sportsmanship. And after the school year we had, it made me feel a lot better about my parenting skills.

My house is a disaster, so I'm off to clean.....

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