Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hedge trimmer = 1.  Finger = 0. Dr. Bergman called it a near partial amputation. I call it dumb.

Hurts like hell. It took off a chunk of bone too and sliced my fingernail in half. I quit looking after I figured out it was still partially attached and I didn't have to go look for it. Damon took great care of me and asked each time I got up in the middle of the night if I was ok. Terry was in Alta at a wedding reception. He offered to quit drinking and come home, but it's not like he could really do anything for me at that point so I told him to stay and have fun.

My parents came down today to watch Damon's game. My mom teared up when she saw me. She felt so bad. Her and dad went to the mall after Damon's game (I didn't do either) and she bought me a pair of sandals to make me feel better, so sweet. 

Well, I'm typing with one hand and it's annoying. I'll have Terry take a picture next Tuesday when the bandages come off. Not looking forward to that as it really hurts right now and I can't imagine anyone touching it.

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