Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shopping and Sump Pumps

We were out shopping for shorts for the boys when we got a call from Grandpa Stahl. The levy broke in Mason City and their old neighborhood was flooded. Mom met an old neighbor that lived at the top of the hill near our old house to give them their sump pump, the water hadn't quite reached the house, but water was seeping in through the basement. Then dad went down and tried to help out all the other neighbors, but most houses had 2-3 FEET of water UPSTAIRS! Not much you can do at that point. Anyway, when he got home, their sump pump area was starting to fill up with water and the little back up pump couldn't keep pumps to be found in Mason City! Dad called us and we stopped at The Home Depot, called Ace, True Value and finally over heard someone say the hardware store in Grimes had one.....hmmm, call the Fritz Family fast! Not sure why calling 411 (like the previous 4 other numbers) didn't seem like a better idea, but calling Heather seemed logical....she never answers --she screens her calls! ;)--, call Guthrey he always has his phone. They were just pulling in to town and Guthrey said he'd stop and pick one up if they had it. Well, during that time, Terry told me just to call directly to see if they would hold it, as Terry was talking Guthrey was walking in the building(....thanks for stopping guys!) Picked up the sump pump, no hoses or, off to the hardware store in Johnston, we called there and they had one hose left, really we needed two, but dad was going to have to make one work. Made some other pieces work, the hardware stores are out of everything sump pump related, but getting it in tomorrow (duh too late). Off to Mason City. Met Dad and Uncle Dick in Boondocks, made the drop and off they went. Mason City is under curfew and the water has been shut off. Mom is having a fit because she works in the morning, can't shower, can't clean, and can't do laundry.

Nelsons are leaving for Germany tomorrow, but since they can't shower in the morning they are leaving for their son's house tonight. Can't wait until they get back and we can see pictures! They'll have an amazing trip!

That's all tonight, my finger is throbbing.

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