Thursday, June 5, 2008

Digit Update and Sandals

Hey, it looks way better than I thought it would! When you see part of your finger flapping off to the side and blood dripping down your arm, you make sure it's there, wrap it with a rag and don't look again. Today the doctor wanted to see my finger because it was still throbbing. As he was taking off the bandages he said, "If it's black, that's bad." Really, shouldn't he keep that to himself? I mean, I'm already freaking out just a little and then he says that! It looks gross, but he seemed to think it looked fine. I'm just ready to be healed....I'm tired of keeping it dry, typing with one hand and the throbbing. Walk around for 4 days with your hand held up higher than your heart, so annoying. I know there are many people worse off than I am and I am truly thankful I still have my digit. But, dude, it's annoying.

My mom got me these cute sandals, she felt bad about my finger...probably because my dad, Terry and Damon all said at different times that I "pulled a Grandma Jerry." Let's just say my mom has seen her fair share of stitches, should have gotten stitches, blood and so on over the course of her life. I think she bought the sandals knowing she must have passed on the "Jerry Gene" to me. Gotta love her, my mom has a lot of other great qualities - she's thoughtful, she's loyal to family and friends, she's a clean freak (could have used a little more of this one), and she's always been very driven. I like to think I have some of her good qualities as well. Love ya mom!


fritzfamily said...

Oh my god - super cute sandals!

grae said...

I know, totally not worth trying to cut your finger off for, but still really cute! Love my mom! :)