Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mason City and Bracing for MORE Rain

Mom just called, she was so excited I thought they turned the water back on in Mason City...no such luck. But friends of theirs have rental property in Clear Lake so they were headed over to shower. Mom said it will feel like a little piece of heaven. She said she may ask if she can go back tomorrow to wash a few clothes. If not, they'll bring them here on Saturday if their golf tournament is cancelled.

Downtown Des Moines is bracing for flooding stemming from Saylorville. I'm hoping the levees in DM hold up. We weren't in Des Moines in 1993 and I have no desire to go through what those people went through back then. We got a couple cases of water and some Gatorade, we needed it anyway, but thought it wouldn't hurt to go tonight. It's not enough to last, but Terry heard a rumor that the water may be shut off. It will be raining for the next couple of days, we're praying for a dry basement and as little flooding as possible. 

I talked to AnnMarie tonight, she said their basement flooded....for those of you that don't know, they live in Aplington. They had some roof damage that caused that to leak during the tornado that touched down outside of A-P, they were lucky considering the devastation a lot of their friends suffered in Parkersburg. Anyway, seems like they can't catch a break either. 

My Uncle lives in Iowa City, his 2 kids and their kids left for Iowa City today...his townhouse is probably going to be flooded and they told him to move his belongings to higher ground. Stupid finger....I can't go help anyone with my finger in the shape it's in, not only is it still tender, but everyone is afraid it would get infected with dirty flood water. I feel helpless.

At somepoint I'll get my camera back out and post some pictures...my finger feels better everyday. I get stitches out Tuesday...sure hope it feels a lot better by then!

Lastly, anyone have any fab ideas for a small birthday party for Damon (I know it's Saturday, but we have baseball so we probably won't have anything for a couple weeks anyway). Something unique that won't break the bank? He won't be getting a huge teen bash as I had hoped (see previous posts regarding school), but my friend Stacey said I can't take away the whole birthday. She said take away something else, scale back, but don't make that his punishment, she said I will want him to have fond memories of his birthdays some day. Hmmm, she's probably right, but I wonder if Damon can go live with them for 9 months during 8th grade???


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