Thursday, May 8, 2008

School, Baseball and Chorus

Oh geez...... middle school and an almost teenager. I don't think I'm going to make it. You don't know how serious I am about this (well, you probably have an idea if you're Heather and Stacey). I say if you're a stay-at-home mom now and you think you'll go back to working outside the home when your kids are older....well, I say you've got it backwards. You and your kids need you home more when they are older than when they are younger in my not-so-professional opinion.  I can't type any more about his subject or I'll cry (Yes, cry (again). It's been one of those days.)

Damon had a baseball game tonight. He was totally off. May have been something to do with our long discussion (and by discussion I mean me talking and him not answering) about schoolwork, priorities, and importance of applying oneself. Anyway, they tied it up when we were leaving and we got a sigh, eye roll and a whiney "do I have to" when we pulled him from the field. Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled with me to begin with so imagine his "love" for me now.

Chorus, he went in with his sleeves rolled down. Came out with them rolled up along with the 4 other boys around him. I'm quite sure they planned it. They all had blue shirts and I'm fairly certain they were the same outfits they all wore for the fall concert. If the other parents are like me, why buy another tie, dress pants and button up shirt that they won't wear unless they have to. Anyway, by the last song...and the most fun with a lot of movement, he was getting in to it. He's actually a pretty good little dancer....a step up from his father's sprinkler moves I think. Very animated, I wish he would do a school play. Maybe next year....

It was beautiful out today....hopefully tomorrow is just as nice as Grandpa Leo and Barb come tomorrow and Damon has another baseball game.

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