Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

Let's hope this attitude continues. I called home about 5 times before Damon finally answered. Here's what the big D had to say about his first day :

1. He answered the phone like this : "Hello over-protective mama." I fully admit that I am this mom, the one that wants to know who his friends are and who their parents are. I don't like him roaming the streets or the malls, I want him chaperoned, he's suppose to watch the game not hang out behind the bleachers, I want to meet all his friends. He understands why I am the way I am...and at this point still just makes fun of me....I hope he'll always know that I do it because I don't trust the crazy people out there, I don't trust the parents that don't act like parents should, I don't trust that a teenager won't push his limits to the breaking point -- they're kids. I hope he always knows that I am the "over-protective mama (OPM)" because I love him and he's my I can't imagine without him. Damon answering the phone like this was SO WEIRD friend Heather's oldest started kindergarten this week and like all good parents she was worried about her. Well, to Heather and all the other OPMs out there, you are the parents I trust, the parents I want my kids to hang out with, and I say better to be an OPM than one that doesn't know where their kids are and who they are with. It seems like there are so many more bad things that happen today than when I was younger it scares the hell out of me.

2. I actually LIKE my science teacher this year.

3. No one is in my lunch, thanks mom (with sarcastic attitude attached). This is because he had first lunch with a ton of his buds, but that meant he only had one class before study hall. I called school and changed his schedule so he had two classes before lunch...duh, so he actually would have something to STUDY during STUDY hall.

4. Damon : Lucas is in my study hall.
Mom : Who's Lucas? Is he nice or naughty? (yes even as a teenager I ask these questions)
Damon : (again with the attitude) Ummm, you know Lucas, Greg's son, Powerlife....Duh.
Mom : Oh, from church....(yeah, he's a nice boy! not that church makes you nice, but that's how I happen to know this child)

5. Mom, I HAVE to do well in Spanish, then I don't have to take it in 9th grade. (That's not necessarily true, he'll have to take at least one more year to graduate from Valley I think, but I didn't want to bum him out....and no one reading this better tell him either or you will be adopting a snotty teenager)

6. My team ROCKS (he's on the G team and the word on the street is that the G team is the best).

7. Football was actually fun, but we worked harder than the heavy weights. (he wasn't looking forward as much this year as Ethan decided he didn't want to play - if you haven't noticed they hang out like brothers, it's great)

I have mixed emotions about this year : it's his last year in middle school, he starts school sponsored sports and Valley is big and competitive, he'll be at Southwoods next year as a freshman (YIKES), my one and only baby is growing up too fast and I could cry. For now......It was a great first's hoping it continues to be a great year.

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jen renee said...

wow, first of all I loved reading this! he's so grown up already!

second... 'you down with OPMs? yeah you know me!'

(okay, embarrassing. it only works with a 'P,' not an 'M' and it didn't rhyme. if your kid or any other heard me say that out loud, I'd be soooo LAME.)