Monday, August 18, 2008

Iowa State Fair 2008, Part 2 Continued

It took about 15 years, countless penny draws/nickel pitchers, singing at the Boathouse (well, really Ivy singing us just off key in the audience!), the loss of a dear friend (we think of Angie often), supportive friends, a memorable bag of cheetos, lots of trips to Al's, a few weddings, boys that came and went, worrying about our own kids, countless laughs and even a few tears and so many card games we've lost count (wait or was that jobs?!)....we'll make new friends, we'll take days to recover, we'll have more tears and more laughs, definitely more card games......we've been through it all, we'll continue to go through it together. We've made friendships that last through the ups and downs, the miles and the months between us, the laughs and the tears....I can't ask for better friends, how did I get so lucky?

Some other favorite moments from the now ANNUAL Iowa State Fair Scavenger Hunt :

1. Scott walking on the Bill Riley Stage and no one caring that there was already another group performing on stage.
2. Roni licking Heather's leg...umm, she spilled her beer and we weren't about to let a $7 beer go to waste.
3. Introductions...a little awkward at first, but when the scavenger hunt started it was game on!
4. Terry wanting to swim in the pool after the concert and Roni encouraging it by saying "he can out run that rent a cop." Rent a cop standing about 5 feet from us, I'm sure he didn't hear her drunken whisper (yeah right!).
5. Roni calling her mom for a ride. (Umm, I'm pretty sure it's not the first time we've called Roni's mom).
6. Linda saying Grimes is on her way and she would have totally taken DD Darcy and crew home (for those of you that don't know, neither Grimes nor West DeMo are on the way to Altoona).
7. Countless WOO-HOOS!
8. How did we spill so much beer?
9. Going through the McDonald's drive-thru the next morning....Roni decided after we ordered that she wanted hash browns and Steph willing to do anything to get them for her. Seriously, it was a big deal.
10. Seeing the house that Roni and Scott bought on line for the first time (it's so cute!)
11. Everyone saying they had the best time ever the next day and the next day
12. Laughing hysterically at pictures

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fritzfamily said...

Did you not post any pictures here??? Or did you take them down?