Friday, August 8, 2008

happy birthday to me

Well, my husband did buy me a birthday present...How do I know you ask? He hid it in a closet I use everyday, good thing he's cute. Anyway, it's what I asked for, not romantic, but I would never buy it for myself, so it's perfect. It's a tripod. Hopefully he picked up another UV lens too (my other request), but if not we'll be getting that tonight as well. Hope everyone has a great weekend, it's suppose to be nice!

Terry and I ate at Dos Rios, downtown Des Moines. It's expensive Mexican food, but the atmosphere was neat and eating on their patio was nice (well, until the homeless guy asked us for money and then I just felt bad). Anyway, they have a great guacamole dip! I ordered the quesadillas and veggies and Terry had 1 steak and 1 shrimp taco. We'd go again for drinks, guac and a taco, so call us if you ever want to go.


MadKanga said...

Happy Birthday Greta! We should have gotten drinks one night to celebrate! Congrats on your tripod, too. You are SO going to look professional now!

fritzfamily said...

Oh my god - that food looks amazing...we are going their next!!

grae said...

Umm, we can still get drinks, I'm sure I can think of some other reason!