Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iowa State Fair 2008

Some of our favorites at the Iowa State Fair....the things we must eat or see :
1. Milk and Cookies
2. Cheese Curds
3. Gyro
4. Sky Ride
5. Silly Pictures
6. People watching
7. The hot new products building....What will Trish come home with this year?!?
8. Strawberry Banana Smoothie
9. Big Boar's & Bull's balls (updated per Holly's comment 8/11)
10. Cold Beer (not one of Damon's of course)

We also saw the baby animals building and saw a chick hatch; Terry drooled over a scooter...yes, a scooter...he's amazed it can go 75 miles before needing charged again; we saw a Clydesdale fall and have trouble getting up - the whole crowd gasp, but eventually he stood and was fine; Damon got a Kirkwood tattoo and water bottle, the guy working said Uncle Dale was his boss; Terry and I got a few more ideas for our scavenger hunt next weekend before the Def Leppard concert!


fritzfamily said...

Ummm...don't lie. I know Damon's FAVORITE THING about the fair is cold beer. Duh. Isn't everybody's?

MadKanga said...

Um, how can you NOT mention seeing the biggest boars' balls? That has to be the highlight of everyone's fair, doesn't it? I sure hope you haven't missed out all these years....