Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Football - First Game

Damon had his first football game tonight, the Stilwell Tigers vs. Indian Hills (the other WDM middle school). My son weighed in at the beginning of the year at 99.9 lbs. Obviously he is on the lightweight team....what position do you think he plays? If you guessed CENTER you're right. Hilarious. Terry kept saying (most of the game) that he was shocked at how well Damon was doing. He was blocking out his guy (which probably out weighed him by a solid 25 lbs.) and on defense he was doing pretty well also....I think Terry called him a linebacker....are you serious?!? My child, a linebacker, he's the smallest linebacker I've ever seen. Anyway, Damon was pretty bummed they got beat, but it was nice to hear Terry be so positive as it's usually Damon do this, work on that. All in all, Terry was happy with how Damon played. I'm just happy there weren't any tears. (Photo: that's him in the middle ready to hike the ball.)

I called my dad to thank them for our anniversary card (12 years, believe that?!?) and to laugh with him about it. My mom picked out the card....it said "for our Son and Daughter-In-Law"....hmmm, oops! My mom was frustrated once she realized it and my dad, with his keen sense of humor, just started crossing son and putting daughter, etc., etc. It was hilarious...I'll hang on to this one for a long time! Of course the conversation turned to Damon...Dad asked what position Damon played (Damon wasn't home yet) and I told him center. "Center?!? Isn't that a 300 lb'er position??" was my dad's response. He got a good chuckle out of that. It's fun to talk to them about Damon, the love him dearly. My dad doesn't give much parental advice, I would assume he thinks mom probably gives enough for both of them. Or maybe he thinks I won't screw it up too much. Either way, I love him for it, but appreciate his thoughts when I need them. I'm a lucky girl, my parents are pretty great! 

YESTERDAY :Well, the school streak had a slight hiccup today. Damon left his planner in English and apparently because he didn't have his planner, he couldn't get a pass. Ummm, if he wasn't 13 I would have called BS on that excuse. Let me explain, their "hall pass" is actually a page in the back of their planner, however, he was trying to tell me that there wasn't a teacher (not in study hall, science, social studies or algebra) that would allow him to go get his planner because he didn't have a pass. YEAH RIGHT. Anyway, I assume he has all his homework done because he says he does and he's suppose to get his planner 1st period in PE (one of his buddies picked it up)....Hopefully he's smart enough to actually review it during study hall and make sure he has everything done. Let's hope this was a hiccup and we'll be back on track tomorrow!

TODAY update : Yes, we got the planner back, but he didn't do so well on his algebra test. He and Terry went through it...so frustrating because, now that he reviewed it with Terry it all makes sense. Ugh, maybe we should do that before the next test?!? Duh.

Off to parent/student confirmation class......

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