Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If I Won the Lottery, I Would.....

1. Money manager, someone to keep me from being featured on E! True Hollywood Stories and being one of those millionaire lottery winners that spends all their money on stupid stuff and then is broke and homeless. 
2. Get a maid
3. Hire a trainer (actually at Heather's suggestion, I'll revise this to hire a trainer to pick me up so I don't skip working out!)
4. Hire someone to teach me what/how to cook yummy, healthy food
5. Buy a good party house (see previous posts on my obsession with having a party)
6. Open a cute little shop and showcase my talented friends' creations!
7. Hire a tutor (I've forgot everything I learned in Algebra apparently)
8. Buy 2 new cars, probably hybrid (nothing ridiculous, but definitely newer and under warranty)
9. Take my parents on vacation
10. Take Damon on vacation
11. Set up a college fund and beyond for Damon
12. Celebrate hardcore with my friends
13. Donate to causes close to me and my family (Huntington's Disease, Heart Association, Hospice, cancer organization.....to name a few)
14. Possibly a little lift and tuck here or there....I would have to do a ton of research, but I'll never say never to this!
15. Speak to teenagers and college students a like about unplanned pregnancies
16. A Bears game, a Cubs game, possibly season tickets
17. How much does it cost to buy out a resort?? That sounds fun for a big group of family and friends. 

I'm sure there is more, but it's time to quiz Damon and send him off to bed. Post your own "Lottery Wish List" or put it in comments....more to come on my list!

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MadKanga said...

um, duh...every time someone asks me what I would do - the answer is the same: I would hire someone to wash, dry, fold, iron, dryclean and put away every single piece of laundry I have. I will never do laundry again. And, I would also hire a personal assistance to do stupid errands (not the fun ones) like go buy a box that fits a gift that I want to mail, and go get me whole milk, skim milk and juice, and go stand in line for concert tickets and that kind of stuff...for sure!