Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stites Boys & Rube's

A little recap : Labor Day weekend was a busy one, I went to Iowa City on Saturday to help my uncle move in to his condo. He was glad to have a few of his things in his new place, but still really misses the townhome that was badly damaged in the IC floods. He thinks it will be a year or so before he's back to his place. The unfortunate thing is, people keep breaking in to them. How rude. People lose their home and some their belongings and there are still people out there trying to take advantage.

Then it was off to Alta....Terry was already there for his class reunion on Friday and I made it up there late Saturday night. We went out to dinner with his sister and her boys then back to his mom's to hang out. After a while we realized Cameron was being terribly normal for this child...Traci went to check on him and all we heard was "Ooooooh Cameron!" He had found Grandma's lotion in the bathroom and was happily slathering it all over his body! HILARIOUS! 

Tonight we went to Rube's and stuffed ourselves silly. We celebrated Grace and Guthrey's birthdays...well, Terry, Heather and I celebrated...Guthrey was on call so no beer for him! Pretty sure he was going through withdrawals. The girls were good as always  (yes, Heather they were good!) and I think they'll keep busy with their activity books. We did decide that next time we'll buy our own steaks, grill them at home, grab beer from a cooler and play cards! 

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fritzfamily said...

Ummm...they weren't too bad this time, but it is probably because you bring them enough presents to make them happy for a lifetime. Seriously ridiculous.