Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween Party, Part 2

I am.........ummm, strike that.........Ethan and Damon are going to have a Halloween Party! We decided not to rent a van when we have two perfectly good mini-vans that we can use (and it's $150 to rent one!), we'll have the kids dropped off at a pizza place instead of picking them all up (seemed sooo much easier!), we'll all eat, and load up and off to a couple haunted houses. We are planning on doing t-shirts (they are 5 for $10 right now at Michael's plus the transfer sheets, I'm still pricing out having them digitally printed, but this may be cheaper), but if I can do all of that on a budget we might pay for one or two haunted house and then if we go to more others will have to pay their way in. I know, I know, a little cheesy, but at $10 per haunted house it gets really expensive, really fast with ten kids (this will be on my "Lottery List" in a later post!). My splurge today....the Martha Stewart severed finger invitation (a lot like the picture below)! I could not pass up the 30% discount at Michael's and the oh so clever invites! It's a little ridiculous I know when compared to the 50 cent invites on paper I could print, but when I brought them home (not showing Terry of course and swearing Damon to secrecy) Damon thought I was a dork, but he said I could send them out anyway, THANK GOODNESS he's like his father in that way and usually just rolls with my shenanigans! To "teenage" them up a level of coolness, I also bought red paint that I am going to drip down the ends like blood. It's not the full blown, decorate the house, make clever party themed food, favors, and decor, but it's a start......................did I mention I want to have a party?!?


MadKanga said...

Very creative, Super Mom! I love it!

grae said...

Thanks Holly! I thought it would be fun to have them camp out in the backyard, then I came to my senses and thought "how does one make sure 10 teenage boys aren't either A.) Being kidnapped! or B.) Out terrorizing the town?!? So no sleep overs involved! Off to design the t-shirts!