Sunday, September 7, 2008

Little Book of Friendship

Heather gave me this little book with reasons she is thankful for our friendship...I can't tell you how much I appreciate it (darn, wish I would have made one first!). Not only because it's nice when people tell you they care, but also because I know she doesn't get to spend a ton of time scrapbooking...not nearly as much time as she would probably like, so to have her spend some of that time on something for me is so nice (love ya Heather!). Seriously, almost made me cry, but I knew Terry and Guthrey would both tell me how stupid that was and then I would have to explain to the girls why I was crying so I sucked it up, no tears. I bet I've looked at this little book a dozen times, I absolutely love it! It's a great reminder to everyone who reads this blog not to wait until it's too late to tell the people you care about, just how much you care. Even though I think I know how close I am to my friends and my family, it's moments like these that remind you just how important it is to show it. It doesn't have to be as cool as my little book (I seriously don't know that I could make one of these), but even a short note, a picture, a phone call...whatever it is that you do...just do it today. Love you all, g'night.


fritzfamily said...

Ahhhh... thanks for putting this =) I appreciate it. GOod picture, too. =)

grae said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, probably one of the best gifts EVER!