Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eating Out

We eat out WAY too much. Or should I say "I"?!? Lunch, dinner and occasionally a muffin in the morning from here. And I wonder why all the extra pounds. So, this week I decided....no more eating out, right? Well, sort off. Let's not kid ourselves....who doesn't enjoy being waited on now and then, no dishes, no clean up! However, my favorite spicy spinach and artichoke dip from here doesn't have the lowest of calories. So, my menu for this week is = Monday: grilled cheeseburger and potatoes, Tuesday: WW honey mustard chicken and asparagus, Wednesday: spaghetti with whole wheat noodles and a side salad, Thursday: chicken fajitas, Friday: vegetable beef stew. And this leads me to....I have to do something, but what?!? I need to make a change, so I'm thinking about this. I know anything would work if I stuck with it....FXB worked, but then I stopped exercising and ate whatever I wanted 7 days a week and SHOCKER I'm back to where I started. If anyone wants to join me in this quest to find some sort of balance I welcome you. I haven't committed to anything as of today....well, except to not eating out (as much).

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