Friday, April 4, 2008

Lunch Date

Today I had a girls lunch. We went here and had the yummy quesadilla explosion salad! So good...well, don't get carried away....the little bite size burgers with onion rings piled on top of some french fries looked way better. The girls were both really good and of course their mommy had them carry the bags I got for them, so that earned some brownie points! How could you have a bad day eating lunch with these two! So fun. Maya and Grace ended lunch by singing "I'm a Barbie Girl"....I'm pretty sure the 3 men behind us were ready for us to leave. Maya also had a little dance (see photo), I wasn't fast enough to turn from picture mode to movie mode, but still funny.


fritzfamily said...

The girls were good? are you serious? who did i go to lunch with? i don't think you were there.

grae said...

They were good. Screaming, crying, hysterical would have been bad. Grace didn't want to share (but neither do I most times and I don't even have a sister). Maya was hungry and our food took FOREVER. Mostly they were good. It's a "mom thing" if you thought they were bad. Perfect angels, maybe not, but good girls...yes!