Monday, April 7, 2008

Huntington's Disease : Hoop-A-Thon 08

We went to the SL Huntington's Disease Hoop-A-Thon this past weekend. It was a successful event and raised over $12,000 for HD!!!! Every dollar gets a closer to finding a cure! Tami was smiling and responsive, although in a wheelchair. It's amazing to see all the family and friends that come out to support the ones they care about. Even Jung's TKD made a special appearance. I can't thank everyone enough that donated their time, money, gifts and support for this deserving cause. Here's a few pics from the event, including one of the whole family, Tami and her oldest brother Chad and Damon and Big Terry. For more information on HD please visit here. Saturday night after the hoop we stayed here with a bunch of family. We had a blast and I've learned that "TTYL" is OUT and I should be saying suh-weet, peace, fierce, and I have a list of songs I need to download that are in. Thanks Ashley, Ann Marie, Meghan and Molly for keeping me dope, I mean hip, or wait was that cool?!? It's official, I'm old. :)

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