Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trap Door, Ike and a Clean Closet

We started off the day eating with the Fritz family here. It was DELICIOUS, even if it seemed like we waited forever to get a table. They have a great Sunday brunch and it was the best "last supper" I've ever had. After brunch, Terry decided to get started on our trap door. Just kidding, our front step cracked and caved in, so Terry is working on forming a new one. I think it's more work than he expected since a few of the bricks were damaged in demo. Then we went over to the Simon house and got to meet IKE! What a cutie! I'm so not jealous of the puppy stage though! And finally, I couldn't take it any more! I cleaned out the linen, did it need it. I threw away a bunch of samples, old meds, etc. and tried to organize it a little. Oh, and I I think we've kept every box for every cell phone we've ever owned! Seriously, why?!? Of course there is still probably more that I could get rid of, but it makes me happy each time I open that door....a little organization in our otherwise chaotic life! Damon is suppose to have games Friday and Saturday, hopefully I'll finally get to take some baseball pictures! Monday is the first day of a fresh start on healthy living. 

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