Thursday, April 17, 2008

Giving in and Meals

Damon called me today at work, which sounds normal, but it isn't. Mostly he calls his dad, why you ask?!? Well, because Dad says yes a lot more than Mom. Today he called asking to go to Ethan's...this is one of those moments where I would tell most mothers to stand strong and say no, he really hasn't earned this privelage. He still looks at us as if we're the ones that have assigned him piles of homework (seriously he has more homework than I remember ever having at his age), as if it's our rule that he reads 5 books per quarter (that's 20 books per year!), as if actually holding him accountable for his schoolwork is a complete injustice. Yep, he's 12 and in middle school. I'm glad my parents didn't keep a blog at this age about would be embarrassing to relive and I'm sure they would say he's a lot like me. Anyway, I said yes to hanging out with E. Mostly because baseball has started, they play on different teams and they won't be able to get together very often until July when first season is over. So after I gave him instructions to pick up his room and start reading his book until they stopped to get him....he still said, "Love you Mom" before he hung up. I don't know if he's just working me over because I said yes or if he truly understands beneath the eye rolls and sighs that my requests aren't unreasonable. Either way, he's a pretty great kid. I'm blessed with a boy that has a kind heart, loves his family dearly, is loyal to his friends and (so far) will still say he loves me. 

For supper tonight I made pesto pasta with whole wheat noodles, shrimp and asparagus! Can you say DELICIOUS?!? I cheated a little and used Dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto Mix from here. I sauteed the shrimp and asparagus in garlic and very little butter (so proud of myself). I don't love shrimp, but Terry does and he was thrilled. He said it was great and that I can make it next week sweet. Here's my menu for this week : Monday: Chicken fajitas and fat free refried beans; Tuesday: Low-fat chicken fettucine alfredo with broccoli; Wednesday: Burger and a few fries at Granite City (bummer, told myself I would get a salad!); Thursday: Pesto whole wheat pasta with shrimp and asparagus; Friday: Maid-rites, sun chips and salad (Damon has a game at 6:00 p.m. so it has to be something he can heat up when he gets home from school). Next week's menu coming Sunday night probably....I'm actually enjoying the new recipes I'm trying! So far Terry said his favorites are the pesto pasta and the honey mustard chicken (Damon loved this one too!). Terry said I am a DORK for taking a picture, but a girl at work calls it food porn and who doesn't love a little food porn!!!

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